5 Benefits of Team-Based Learning for Educators

Apr 19, 2021 • 3min read


Every educator knows that simply going through the lecture slides does not necessarily mean that students understand the topic. Students usually spend several hours attending lectures and then proceed to forcefully memorise the content for their exams, but how often do they fully comprehend the lesson materials and remember them after their exams?

A pedagogical approach, team-based learning (TBL) allows educators to facilitate discussions among students to enhance the quality of learning instead of the traditional lecturing method. TBL is able to strengthen the students’ conceptual and practical understanding of the topic as it gives the students the opportunity to solve problems through group discussions and immediately apply what they have learned in case study scenarios.

Not convinced? Here are the 5 main benefits of TBL:

  1. Rewarding experience
    Rewarding experience
    Due to individual and group accountability, students are more likely to come to class prepared and stay up to date with the course content. Your role as an educator evolves from presenting lecture slides to facilitating enriching discussions and encourage critical thinking, thus deepening the learning of students. This will also lead to more personally rewarding relationships with your students.

  2. Great approach for novice learners
    Great approach for novice learners
    Adopting the TBL approach can help to deepen the students’ learning and improve their overall performance. Both high- and low-performing students will benefit as you have the ability and time to guide them and offer more input and support.

  3. Zoom-in on student trouble spot in real-time
    Zoom-in on students' trouble spot in real-time
    You will be able to monitor students’ and teams’ performance data in real-time, which will allow you to see immediately which concepts are well understood and which ones require further clarification. This way you’re able to focus your attention on the topics the students are struggling with. Constant feedback also allows you to continuously monitor how your students are progressing throughout the module, instead of having the usual end-of-module assignments or exams as the only indicator.

  4. Saves time and resources
    Saves time and resources
    Using platforms, such as InteDashboard, educators are able to save time by utilizing the automated grading function. The extra time can be used to help students who are struggling or further enhance the class materials to maximize learning.

  5. Optimize learning outcomes
    Optimize learning outcomes
    Using platforms, such as InteDashboard, provides educators with analytics on how students and teams are performing during each class. This data can be used to measure the success of the unit, as well as to figure out how the unit can be enhanced and improved to ensure the learning needs of students are met.

TBL will not only make teaching fun fruitful for you, but it can also potentially enhance your students’ learning experience and maximize their learning.

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