3 Benefits of Team-Based Learning for Administrators

Apr 26, 2021 • 2min read


Team-based learning (TBL) is a structured small-group learning approach that breaks the mould of standard classroom teaching. Students are required to study the materials and come to class prepared to have a fruitful discussion with their peers. Time in class will be spent on group work and case study to deepen the understanding, instead of the usual lectures. 

It has been proven that the TBL approach can increase students’ overall understanding of the module and improve the retention of module contents through active engagement and participation in group and class discussions.

So what makes TBL exceed the traditional approach? Here are the 3 main benefits of TBL:

  1. Implementable for large class size
    Implementable for large class size
    It’s difficult to teach large class sizes in the traditional setting. However, with the TBL approach, you can easily oversee large class sizes, even in online, hybrid and in-person settings as it is easier to manage teams than individual students. 

  2. Allows for institution-wide adoption
    Allows for institution wide adoption
    Using platforms, such as InteDashboard, allows you to streamline the TBL process consistently across all faculties and classes, thus ensuring that students have a similar learning experience.

  3. Impact of overall learning measurable
    Impact of overall learning measurable
    Using platforms, such as InteDashboard, provides you with analytics and feedback on how students and teams are performing during each class, it makes it easier to spot topics that the class are struggling with. This data can be used to measure the overall success of the program and help you identify areas for improvement to enhance the students’ learning experience.

TBL has the ability to streamline administrative work to make it more straightforward, with minimal complications and confusion. It can also save time and resources, to allow educators to teach more students without feeling overwhelmed.

Interested to find out more? You can take a look here - Intedashboard and TBL.

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