Team-based learning in an online environment can help educators conduct engaging classes online while providing same level of engagement as in face-to-face setting. 


Team-Based Learning Video Resources

Here are few videos on how to conduct and facilitate Team-Based Learning in an online environment:



Online TBL Workshop Example

This is an example of an Online TBL faculty development workshop that was conducted with online TBL.  We had over 30 participants which we divided into seven teams.

The video includes the following sections and is available here.  The chat log is available here.

  1. Doors Open (12:31)

  2. Overview and IRAT Instructions (starts at 12:40)

  3. TRAT Instructions (starts at 21:17)

  4. Clarifications after TRAT (starts at 27:21)

  5. Application Exercise Discussion (starts at 1:04:30)

Flattening the Online Teaching Curve