Empowering TBL

with Technology



How do educators automate some of the manual processes involved in implementing TBL? This workshop walks participants through the experience of using Team-Based Learning with InteDashboard. InteDashboard automates grading in IRATs, TRATs, Application Cases and Peer Evaluation. It also provides real time data on student performance so that educators can better predict the gaps in their students' understanding. InteDashboard is used by 95 institutes across five continents to automate their TBL classes.



Educators interested to add technology to face to face classrooms, or those interested to teach TBL in an online environment. 



This workshop will be conducted using the TBL methodology in a synchronous online modality.

Dates and Times


This workshop will be held on Tuesday, 19 November 2019 at following time:

8:00-9:00AM Central Standard Time

9:00-10:00AM Eastern Standard Time

5:00-6:00PM Central Standard Time

6:00-7:00PM Eastern Standard Time

For Singapore time, the workshop schedule is: 

19 November: 10:00-11:00pm

20 November: 7:00-8:00am 



This workshop is free of cost.



This workshop will be held online using Zoom Web Conference. More details on how to access the Zoom meeting room will be sent after registration. 

The Facilitator

Brian O'Dwyer is a TBL educator and entrepreneur. Having taught with TBL at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Singapore for 3 years, he now helps other educators set up their TBL courses through workshops and consulting services. Brian is also the founder of intedashboard.com, the world's leading software for TBL.