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May 18, 2021 1 min read

UNT: How instructors at UNT use InteDashboard to create an experiential learning environment


The University of North Texas Health Science Centre (UNTHSC) is a public medical school in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a graduate-level institution of the University of North Texas System. The institution offers various degrees in the medical field.

The faculty team for the Physician Assistant Studies Program started using InteDashboard in 2016 to run their face-to-face and hybrid Team-based Learning classes. Now they are using the platform to conduct online team-based learning classes as well.

The faculty at UNT stated that a fully digital TBL system, such as InteDashboard, allowed them to use technology to streamline the grading process. Instructors would previously spend almost 7-8 hours to key in student responses for IRAT and TRAT. Now, with InteDashboard, they get the grades in a few minutes. The student grades are easily downloadable.

InteDashboard works well alongside video conferencing tools, thus improving the ability of students to collaborate and learn in real-time. More importantly, it allows the instructor to create a more experiential learning environment where the learners arrive and immediately dive into experiences that simulate real clinical challenges they will face. The IRAT and TRAT process quickly gets the students up and running, confident in their knowledge level, so they can begin working out solutions to the clinical problems that the instructor has set up for them.

For the PA studies program, features such as automated grading and immediate feedback have been very effective. Instructors can import the material they already have into the program and, after a few tweaks, everything is ready for the learners to begin. The faculty team no longer has to recreate lessons or quiz instruments from scratch.

As Vic Holmes, Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies quotes, " The InteDashboard platform is unique in what it offers for instructors and learners. One of the best-hidden features of InteDashboard is the responsiveness of the company staff to any issues or challenges. I can watch in real-time how well a question is doing. Students love the software as they get their grades right away. InteDashboard helps create a rich constructivist environment for students to make their own learning experience, ensuring that the knowledge will stick with them."

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