Hi, this is the InteDashboard team.

We are on a mission of transforming education through Team-Based Learning

We're proud to have helped the following institutions improve their TBL practice

So, what exactly do we do?

We help TBL educators take their teaching to the next level with our software called InteDashboard

InteDashboard saves you time and allows you to gather real-time student data when implementing Team-Based Learning

This has been our journey so far...

This is a class in the 14th century

This is a class in the 21st century

As you can see, not much has changed in 6 centuries!

This inspired a group of Duke-NUS educators to change the status quo

Ranga Krishnan

Frank Starmer

Robert Kamei

Brian O'Dwyer

Together, we created a software specifically made for Team-Based Learning

We called it InteDashboard

We consistently reached out to universities and other educational institutions interested in innovative ways of teaching

And eventually...

We increased our presence to 5 continents!

Today, we travel around the world spreading the word about the benefits of Team-Based Learning  

Here we are at Tech In Asia's Startup Arena Battle where we came up in the second place.

We went to the UK to present at the Active Learning Network Conference

And of course, we went for the Team-Based Learning Collaborative Conference in San Diego and took some of the attendees for dinner!

Most importantly, however

We are ecstatic about how our customers feel about us!

Sandy Cook, Duke-NUS Medical School

InteDashboard is the only technological solution that puts it all together, allowing the faculty to focus on creating the learning environment- not fumbling with papers, grading and pulling data from different sources.

 Judy Currey, Deakin University

I love having real time access to my students’ performance data and knowing exactly what concepts have or haven’t been understood while they complete their IRATs and TRATs! 

 John Chapman, Southern Virginia University

I’m convinced, and I’ve done a fair amount of looking over the past few years to identify an online quizzing/survey tool that allows for individual question submission and real-time feedback (especially for the TRAT). Intedashboard really is the premier solution in this category. Bar none. Hands down.

If you've made it this far, THANK YOU!

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